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Anna Maria Osik

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My Story

The adventure in clothing industry began when as a girl, I was cutting a curtain along the table line which was placed under a window. My little workshop was just under it. That’s where I sewed my first dress – actually a wedding dress for my doll. Soon my adventure became my passion and my lifestyle. I’ve connected work with my interests and my hobby to design and travel.


My services

I’m an independent service provider when it comes to optimizing shopping processes as well as introducing products to be manufactured from Asia and in Poland. I organize training for factory workers, so they would better understand the needs and quality standards of their European clients. I provide textile technical consultancy and inspection services.


Verifying factories both in terms of compliance with their certificates and respect for human rights. • Checking the technical capabilities of factories and manual skills of their workers. • Searching new fabrics/knitwear, technological solutions as well as production and decorative techniques


Introducing products into manufacturing, taking into account the optimization of the semi-finished products’ depreciation and the products’ quality in order to reduce any possible defects of the product.

Increasing efficiency by streamlining the process also by eliminating common mistakes.

Improving the production process and services. Improving quality, productivity and cutting unnecessary costs.

Introducing innovations and improving skills of employees/service contractors.


Improving the quality of products and services.

Supervision and quality control during the production process in Poland, Asia and other countries.

Final acceptance of production, verification of compliance with the contractor’s documentation as well as quality standards.

 Technical and technological consultancy.


Trainings and workshops for employees on the trends and changes taking place in the methods of fabric production, product design and technology.

What I do

Since 2002, I have been actively involved in the clothing industry. I organize trainings for employees in factories so that they can better understand the needs and quality standards of European customers. I provide textile technical consultancy and inspection services. I have visited various countries professionally, including Bangladesh, China, India, Korea and Taiwan.

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I just love to catch moments using my camera. Those captured moments tell you more, stimulate reflection, and encourage to talk with others. This is how my photographs are made. They are a peculiar travel diary that I gladly open for others.WorkshopsFrom practice to theory – the workshops bring knowledge that we can use in everyday life and in business. Thanks to quality management, we can increase the efficiency of the design-shopping process in the organization.



“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.” -G.Gucci

From practice to theory – the workshops bring knowledge that we can use in everyday life and in business. Thanks to quality management, we can increase the efficiency of the design-shopping process in the organization and provide the customer a product thanks to which he will return to us. 



Together with TÜV Rheinland Polska, we record a series of short films in which we share our knowledge and experience with our viewers. “Experts and Quality Testers” meetings is an educational project which aim is to draw the attention of consumers to the issues of quality and safety of everyday products and raising consumer awareness. The premiere of the first episode was at the end of March 2018.



Only big Events

In the performance, we can combine any kind of art into one piece. Performing in time and space, we stimulate all the senses of our viewers. This is the most complete form by which we can express our thoughts and feelings, pass knowledge and even influence someone’s behaviour. Together with a group of young artists, DZIWNA TRUPA (STRANGE TROUPE), we want to create unique events for viewers, forming a relationship, not just a one-way message.


2017 – 2018
SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Pedagogical Studies

2009 – 2010
SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Postgraduate Shopping and Supply Chain Management Studies

1993 – 1998
Institute of Technology in Łódź, Textile Studies

Title: Textile Worker and Architect, M. Sc.

1989 – 1992
Clothing School in Szczecin

Title: Clothing and Textile Technologist

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During the training, participants will learn where our products are manufactured, what certificates should we require from factories to make our product safe. The participant will learn about the importance for him and the company of protecting intellectual property and human rights …



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