During the training, participants will learn where our products are manufactured, what certificates should we require from factories to make our product safe. The participant will learn about the importance for him and the company of protecting intellectual property and human rights.

Training program:


Clothing industry – where do we produce?

A brief overview of the design and procurement process in the clothing and textile industry.

Is the Polish product really from Poland?

Production in the world. Where do we produce?

Where did the price of the product come from?

Short film reportage about production in Asia (English version)

The world of counterfeits:

the largest counterfeit producers

distribution channels

examples of counterfeits

Conscious shopping

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Protection of the Rights of Human Property

Why is it worth protecting an intellectual property of an enterprise?

We require certificates:

product certificates

factory certificates

Summary of training and curiosities from the press

RECORDS: http://www.intertek.pl/nasze-uslugi/szkolenia/nadchodzace-szkolenia/szkolenie-w-zakresie-bezpieczenstwa-produktow/tkaniny-i-odziez-projektuj-i-kupuj-swiadomie.html


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